Corporate Sales

Corporate Sales

Voucherline are delighted to work with a large number of corporate accounts who love the fact that they can get all sorts of gift vouchers and gift cards in one place, with one invoice!
We can assist with bulk purchase, obtaining discounts that you may not achieve as we purchase in bulk from our suppliers.  We can also assist with fufillment, packing and posting your vouchers and gift cards for you, at very keen prices.
Voucherline also have access to a fantastic portfolio of e Vouchers including M&S, Amazon, John Lewis, Debenhams, House of Fraser and many more. Talk to us today to find out more!
Voucherline were the pioneers of the Reward Account, with our online gift code product.  This is a fantastic way for your staff to shop and select their gift vouchers or gift cards in their own time, with their own personal account.  They simply checkout and use their gift code in the same way as a debit or credit card on our site.
No more lists for you to collate of who wants what!  Your staff and customers will love it!  See here for more information.
Finally, because we have our own call centre and sales team, you can use us for any Telemarketing campaign, both inbound call handling and outbound lead generation calls.  With a marketing agency tagged onto the side, you are going to have found your perfect incentive partner!
Give our MD Caroline Watson  a call on 0333 222 9129  or send her an email by clicking on her name....