Covid update

Update from April 1st 2021

Phone lines open again! yippee!  the team are back, all socially distanced, and treating your packs with the greatest safety.  Let's hope we stay this way.  We love being together in the office.

Update from 5th Jan 2021

What are we doing?

We are staying open, as a large part of our business, is assisting schools and charities aid vulnerable families requiring physical food GiftCards (and e gift cards) being dispatched to them. We cannot dispatch from home.

But - our phone lines will be off from 6th Jan, as we are now splitting the team into 2 workgroups rotating their weeks in the office, so answering phone calls would be much more difficult with a smaller team. We will still be answering emails, and our aim is to answer all emails that arrive during our working week within 24 working hours or sooner. We have also provided a FAQ page above, so that if we are not in the office you might find easier to assist. Rotating our team hopefully gives us a safety net, incase one of our team is affected or has to isolate.  

Please be patient with us! We are only a team of 10. This is a normally busy time of year for us anyway, as our customers who have purchased physical gift cards need to get their packs activated after Xmas etc. so we will go as fast as we can.

Our opening hours are Monday to Friday - 8-4pm.