ASDA Giftcard


ASDA is a well-loved UK supermarket chain known for its focus on value, quality, and customer convenience, with online and in-store shopping options.

ASDA sells a diverse range of products including groceries (fresh produce, meat, dairy, and packaged goods), clothing, electronics, home and garden items, health and beauty products, toys, baby supplies, and automotive goods. They also offer seasonal items, entertainment products, and a variety of services such as pharmacy and financial services, catering to a wide spectrum of customer needs.

About ASDA
ASDA is a British supermarket chain that was founded in 1949 and is currently owned by Walmart. It is one of the largest and most popular supermarket chains in the UK, with over 600 stores nationwide. ASDA offers a variety of products including groceries, clothing, home appliances, electronics, and more.

Where can I spend an ASDA Giftcard?
ASDA Giftcards can be spent in all ASDA stores across the UK, as well as online at and

Can an ASDA Giftcard be used online? 
Yes. ASDA Giftcards can be used online at and Add the chosen items to your basket and when you’re ready to check out you’ll be asked to enter the Giftcard details on the payment page. Don’t want to use the ASDA Giftcard straight away? No problem: you can register the Giftcard on the ASDA website to use later. By registering it, you’ll also be protected in the event of loss or theft.

How do I check my ASDA Giftcard balance?
To check your card balance please visit the ASDA website.

How long are ASDA Giftcards valid for?
​ASDA Giftcards are valid for 18 months from purchase, or since the last transaction. Any unused balance on the card after that period will be lost.

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