Record Tokens Giftcard

Record Tokens

Record Tokens are the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether you're looking for the latest hits or timeless classics, a Record Tokens Giftcard provides a fantastic opportunity to enhance your music collection.

Record Tokens are a special treat for those life-long music lovers as well as a wonderful gift for those yet to experience buying their first vinyl record.

About Record Tokens
Record Tokens is a Giftcard that can be used to purchase vinyl, CDs and music memorabilia from participating record stores across the UK. It allows recipients to choose music from a wide range of genres and artists - whether they prefer exploring new releases or collecting classic albums, Record Tokens offer a convenient and enjoyable way to buy music.

Where can I spend a Record Token Giftcard?
You can use a Record Tokens Giftcard only for music CDs, vinyl and cassettes in participating retailers. See for a stores list. 

Can Record Tokens Giftcards be used online?
No, unfortunately Record Tokens Giftcards cannot be used online, only in participating stores.

How do I check my Record Tokens Giftcard balance?
Giftcard balances can be checked using the online balance enquiry, asking at your nearest record store, or by phoning 0845 602 7423.

How long are Record Tokens Giftcards valid for?
If the Giftcard is not used for a period of 96 consecutive months, it may expire and any remaining value could be deducted. 

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