Pizza Hut Giftcard

Pizza Hut

About Pizza Hut 
Treat yourself to the best pizza, sides and desserts from your nearest Pizza Hut. This GiftCard makes a great gift for all pizza lovers. You decide how much you want to spend and you and your loved one get to enjoy their favourite pizza!

They also offer a wide range of mouth-watering vegan and gluten free items on their menu to ensure all dietary requirements are catered for.

Where can I spend a Pizza Hut gift card? 
The value of the Pizza Hut restaurants gift voucher can be used in full or part payment at any participating Pizza Hut Restaurant excluding Ireland, Butlins and Jersey. The card cannot be used at Pizza Hut delivery stores, Express or PHQ outlets.

Can Pizza Hut gift cards by used online? 
Pizza Hut gift cards cannot be used online.

How do I check my Pizza Hut gift card balance? 
Go to and click on check balance. 

How long are Pizza Hut gift cards valid for? 
All monies on the card must be used by the expiry date which is 12 months from the date the card was purchased. Any balance left on the card after this date will be cancelled and cannot be refunded. 

*Can not be used on delivery but you can use them when collecting Pizza inside the Hut (not online). Please note that the card design may vary from the image shown.

*please note that the card design may vary from the image shown

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