Sainsbury's Giftcard


Sainsbury's has everything you need to stock up your kitchen and make everyday life a breeze, with a wide range of fresh produce, pantry staples, and household essentials.

Explore Sainsbury's exclusive Taste the Difference range for indulgent treats. Choose from a variety of trusted and budget-friendly alternatives with their Basics line. Pick from the perfect range of fashion forward clothing at the TU Clothing department.  

About Sainsbury's
Sainsbury's is a British supermarket chain that has a long history dating back to 1869 when it was founded by John James Sainsbury. Over the years, the company has grown and evolved, becoming one of the largest retailers in the UK, with food, clothes, electrical and much more.

Where can I spend a Sainsbury's Giftcard?
This Giftcard may be redeemed in full or part payment for goods at Sainsbury's supermarkets. The Giftcard can only be used in store, it cannot be used online, over the phone or at Sainsbury's petrol stations, the pharmacy, or in any concession within Sainsbury's. 

Can Sainsbury's Giftcards be used online?
The Giftcard can only be used in store, it cannot be used online.

How do I check my Sainsbury's Giftcard balance? 
To check any remaining balance, register your Giftcard online at

How long are Sainsbury's Giftcards valid for? 
This Giftcard is valid for 24 months from the date of initial activation or last reload. If the Giftcard is unused within this time, it will be deemed inactive and any remaining balance will be lost.

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