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‘Kaizen’, meaning ‘good change’ is the philosophy that sits right at the core of Wagamama and shapes every dish they create.

They specialise in Japanese cuisine and have all your favourites including: Chicken Katsu curry, Teppanyaki dishes, Donburi, Salads with a twist, the ever popular gyoza's and many more! Buy a Wagamama GiftCard. Because you can't post a katsu...

About Wagamama 
Wagamama is a restaurant chain that was founded in London, UK, in 1992. It specializes in Japanese-inspired cuisine, with a focus on noodles, ramen, and fresh ingredients. The restaurant is known for its communal dining style, open kitchen concept, and fast service, making it a popular choice for casual dining.

Where can I spend a Wagamama gift card?
Wagamama gift cards have to be activated at a till and can be topped up in the restaurant. The gift cards are redeemable for products and merchandise in Wagamama restaurants in the UK excluding Northern Ireland.

Can a Wagamama gift card be used online?
This card can be used for online take away orders when being collected in the restaurant. 

How do I check my Wagamama card balance?
To check your gift Wagamama voucher balance, go to: www.merchant.wgiftcard.co/card/balance/check/wagamama_uk

How long are Wagamama gift cards valid for?
Wagamama gift cards are valid for 13 months since the last use. Any unused balance on the card after that period will be lost.

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