British Heart Foundation (Love2Shop Voucher)

Love2Shop Voucher

If you choose this brand, you will receive a Love2Shop Voucher, which can be spent at the British Heart Foundation.

British Heart Foundation (BHF) stores are part of a charity retail chain in the UK dedicated to funding life-saving research into heart and circulatory diseases. These stores offer a wide range of second-hand goods, including clothing, accessories, homeware, and furniture, at affordable prices. By shopping or donating to BHF stores, customers contribute directly to the charity's mission of fighting heart disease and improving the lives of those affected by it.

About Love2Shop Vouchers
Love2Shop is the UK's leading multi-voucher, accepted at over 100 major retailers and in more than 20,000 stores nationwide. It is the perfect gift for convenience and flexibility.

Where can I spend Love2Shop Vouchers?
You can spend your Love2Shop voucher in some participating stores. For other brands, you will have to exchange the voucher for an e-code. Please visit the ‘Where to Spend’ page on the Love2Shop website for more information. 

Can Love2Shop Vouchers be used online?
You cannot spend the voucher itself online. However, when you exchange it for an e-code, some brands will accept that as a form of online payment.

How do I check my Love2Shop Vouchers balance?
You can see your available balance when you register your voucher on the Love2Shop website.

How long are Love2Shop Vouchers valid for?
Please refer to the expiry date printed on the back of your voucher.

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