B&M (My Toolbox Card)
B&M (My Toolbox Card)

B&M (My Toolbox Card)

MyToolbox Card

If you choose this brand you will receive a My Toolbox Card, which can be exchanged for a B&M e-code.

B&M is a leading UK discount retailer offering a wide range of products including groceries, home goods, toys, furniture, and seasonal items, known for its value-for-money prices and extensive selection, catering to a diverse customer base seeking quality and affordability.

About the My Toolbox Card
The My Toolbox Card allows the recipient to exchange the funds on their card for their choice of branded e-codes to redeem at some of the UK's leading retailers and top DIY destinations. This Giftcard is perfect for anyone who works in the trades, loves DIY or has a handy hobby.

Where can I spend a My Toolbox Card?
Please note: the My Toolbox Card itself CANNOT be taken into stores to spend. You must exchange the balance on the card for a branded e-code, which can then be presented on a mobile phone in your chosen store, or entered at online checkout. Visit www.mytoolboxcard.com for more information.

Can a My Toolbox Card be used online?
Please check with the individual retailer that you wish to exchange your My Toolbox Card for.

How do I check the balance on a My Toolbox Card?
You can check your Giftcard balance on the My Toolbox Card website.

How long are MyToolbox Cards valid for?
The My Toolbox Card is valid for 12 months from date of activation.

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