Zizzi Giftcard


Delicious Italian food with a twist to surprise and delight all tastes, because good food does more than fill you up, it brings people together.

Redeemable at all Zizzi restaurants across the UK the Zizzi Gift Card is going to be the perfect present, reward or treat for someone special.

About Zizzi
Cancel Zizzi is a popular Italian restaurant chain known for its modern twist on classic Italian dishes. With a diverse menu that includes pasta, pizza, and salads, Zizzi aims to provide a unique dining experience with fresh ingredients and a welcoming atmosphere. They also offer vegetarian and vegan options, making it a suitable choice for a variety of dietary preferences.

Where can I spend a Zizzi gift card?
Zizzi Gift Cards can be exchanged for any item in full or part payment in Zizzi restaurants throughout the UK.

Can Zizzi gift cards be used online?
Zizzi gift vouchers cannot be used as payment through online orders, direct with Zizzi or delivery partners however, you can use on call & collect orders. 

How do I check my Zizzi gift card balance?
To check your Zizzi gift voucher balance please call 0844 478 0151 or visit www.zizzi.co.uk

How long are Zizzi gift cards valid for?
All monies on a Zizzi's gift card must be used by the expiry date which is 18 months from the date of purchase. Any balance on the card after this date will be deducted. 

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