Costa Coffee Giftcard


Costa Coffee is a leading international coffeehouse chain renowned for its high-quality coffee blends and handcrafted beverages.

With a diverse menu that includes espresso-based drinks, teas, hot chocolates, and a wide variety of snacks and pastries, Costa Coffee caters to a broad range of tastes and preferences. The chain is celebrated for its cosy and inviting atmosphere, providing a comfortable space for customers to relax, work, or socialise while enjoying their favourite drinks and treats.

About Costa Coffee 
Costa Coffee is a multinational coffeehouse chain that was founded in London, England in 1971 by brothers Sergio and Bruno Costa. Costa Coffee aims to provide a welcoming and comfortable environment for customers to enjoy their drinks and snacks. Many locations offer free Wi-Fi and have cosy seating areas where customers can relax or work.

Where can I spend a Costa Coffee Giftcard?
Costa Giftcards can be redeemed at participating Costa outlets throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

Can Costa Coffee Giftcards be used online?
No; unfortunately Costa Giftcards cannot be spent online, only in-store.

How do I check my Costa Coffee Giftcard balance?
To check your card balance, visit the Costa website or ask a barista in-store.

How long are Costa Coffee Giftcards valid for?
Costa Giftcards are valid for 12 consecutive months. After this time, any remaining unspent balance on the Giftcard will be cancelled.



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