Deliveroo Giftcard


Looking for an easy way to treat your friends and family? Then a Deliveroo Giftcard is the perfect solution! It’s the tastiest present around.

Every good deed should be rewarded with good food: you don’t always need an excuse to share the best food around.

About Deliveroo
Deliveroo is a leading food delivery service that partners with local restaurants to deliver a wide range of cuisines directly to customers' doors, offering convenience and quick delivery through an easy-to-use online platform and mobile app.

Where can I spend a Deliveroo Giftcard?
Follow these steps to redeem your Giftcard:
1) Go to the Deliveroo app or website and log-in/register for a Deliveroo account
2) Go to My Account
3) Click on 'Vouchers and Credit' and click 'Add Code' (iOS) or the ‘+’ button (Android)
4) Enter the Giftcard code and press 'Submit'

Can a Deliveroo Giftcard be used online?
Yes, this Giftcard is for exclusive use on the Deliveroo website and app.

How do I check my Giftcard balance? 
You'll be able to see your balance by seeing the credit on your Deliveroo account.

How long are Deliveroo Giftcards valid for? 
Deliveroo Giftcards are valid for 14 months from date of purchase.

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