LEGO® E-Gift Cards

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About LEGO® E-Gift Cards

LEGO® stores are great places to lose yourselves in the wonderful world of LEGO®!  What a great gift to give, (or a treat for yourself as we all know most of us love to build too!)

Where can I spend a LEGO® E-Gift Cards?
LEGO®  LEGO® E-Gift Cards can be spent Online at, on LEGO® phone orders and at LEGO® stores.. 

Can LEGO® E-Gift Cards be used online?
Yes LEGO® E-Gift Cards can be spent online.

How do I check my LEGO® E-Gift Cards balance?
To check you balance go to

How long are LEGO® E-Gift Cards valid for?
The LEGO® E-Gift Cards has no expiry date.

They cannot be used at Legoland.  Please notice this is a digital gift card that is sent to you via email within 2 working days (max) of your order confirmation once we have security checked your order.  You can then forward to your recipient for them to use.

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