ASOS Giftcard


ASOS has become one of the biggest online fashion retailers in recent years with over 850 brands to choose from, including Nike, The North Face, Polo Ralph Lauren, Topshop, and even their very own on-trend collection.

With a wide range of clothing, shoes, and accessories for both men and women, ASOS has something for everyone. Whether you're into streetwear, formal attire, or casual loungewear, ASOS has you covered.

About ASOS
Although ASOS was originally a small business venture for UK customers, it has significantly expanded by offering its products to customers across the globe. In recent years, the online retailer has focused on promoting causes such as body positivity, LGBTQ activism, labour rights, and sustainability.

Where can I spend an ASOS gift card?
An ASOS gift card can be used online at or via the ASOS app.

Can ASOS gift cards be used online?
Yes. It can only be spent online at or via the ASOS app.

How do I check my ASOS gift card balance?
To check your ASOS gift card balance, go to your ASOS personal account and check the remaining credit left on the account. The credit will automatically be deducted from your next purchase.  

How long are ASOS gift cards valid for?
The ASOS gift voucher is valid for 24 months from purchase. Any remaining funds after this time will be lost. Please note that any monies on the card cannot be replaced with cash.

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