EcoVibe E-Code


EcoVibe is one of the UK's leading suppliers and producers of great eco-friendly products.

EcoVibe is an online retailer specialising in eco-friendly and sustainable products for everyday use. They offer a wide range of items, including household cleaners, personal care products, reusable alternatives, and zero-waste solutions. EcoVibe aims to promote a greener lifestyle by providing high-quality, environmentally conscious products that help reduce waste and support sustainable living.

About EcoVibe
EcoVibe has been on a no-plastic journey since 2018, and are fast becoming the best website to visit in the UK to purchase everything without plastics. Their community is growing and they have a great loyalty scheme for customers wishing to stick with this great new way of doing good for the planet.

Where can I spend an EcoVibe E-Code?
On the EcoVibe website (and they only dispatch to the UK).

Can EcoVibe E-Codes be used online? 
Yes, they can only be used on the website. 

How do I check my EcoVibe E-Code balance?
Please email to check your current gift card balance

How long are EcoVibe E-Codes valid for?
12 months from date of activation. After this time any remaining funds will be lost and cannot be redeemed.

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