Boots Giftcard


One of our most loved brands in the UK, get your skincare, makeup, haircare, medication and more from Boots!

Take advantage of their expert advice from friendly and knowledgeable staff to find the perfect products for your individual needs. Don't miss out on the latest products and must-have essentials visit Boots stores today!

About Boots
Boots is a UK high street chain of chemists offering a wide range of general health and hygiene items as well as providing cosmetics, toiletries and medicines. Shoppers can enjoy an extensive range of health and beauty products from leading brands at affordable prices.

Where can I spend a Boots gift card?
Boots Gift Cards can be exchanged for any item apart from other gift cards or vouchers, mobile top up or prescription services in full or part payment in one of Boots 3063 stores across the UK or online at

Can Boots gift cards be used online?
You can use a Boots gift card online at Simply shop for goods, add them to your basket and when you come to checkout, you’ll be asked to enter the number and pin found on the back of the gift card. For multiple gift cards, enter one set of codes at a time. After entering the gift card codes, your order balance will be automatically updated with credit to the value of the gift card(s).

How do I check my Boots gift card balance?
To balance check a boots card take it into any boots store and go to the till or call 0345 120 5677. If you have lots of gift cards and want to combine the total onto one gift card ask at any Boots till. 

How long are Boots gift cards valid for?
Boots gift cards expire 24 months from purchase or last use. Any remaining value not used will be removed it is not used within 24 consecutive months.

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