Beaverbrooks (Love2Shop Voucher)
Beaverbrooks (Love2Shop Voucher)

Beaverbrooks (Love2Shop Voucher)

Love2Shop Giftcard

Beaverbrooks is a luxury British jewelry retailer that was founded in 1919 by three brothers: Isaac, Maurice, and Henry Beaverbrook. The company is known for its high-quality diamond and gemstone jewelry, engagement rings, watches, and branded jewellery.

It has over 70 stores throughout the UK and is committed to ethical sourcing and sustainability. The company also offers repair, resizing, and cleaning services for its jewelry products.

About Love2Shop Vouchers
Love2Shop vouchers are a popular form of gifting that can be used at various retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues across the UK. They offer a convenient and flexible way to shop or treat someone special to a meal, shopping spree or experience.

Where can I spend Love2Shop Vouchers?
This Love2Shop gift card allows you to spend in some participating stores. Other brands you'll have to exchange for an e-code. Please visit the 'Where To Spend' page on the Love2Shop website to find out more information. 

Can Love2Shop Vouchers be used online?
You cannot spend this gift card online however when you exchange the Love2Shop gift card for an e-code, some brands will accept that to be spent online.

How do I check my gift card balance?
You can check your balance on a card at

How long are Love2Shop Vouchers valid for?
Please refer to the back of your voucher for the expiry date.

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