Halfords Giftcard


A Halfords Giftcard is perfect for those who like their outdoor pursuits.

Halfords is the UK's largest retailer of bicycles, car accessories, in-car technology, and car maintenance.  

About Halfords 
Halfords is a British retailer specialising in car parts, cycling equipment, and outdoor leisure products. In recent years, Halfords has embraced new technologies and trends, offering electric bikes, dashcams, and smart car devices. It has also developed an online presence, allowing customers to shop online and access various services.

Where can I spend a Halfords Giftcard? 
This Giftcard is redeemable against any goods or services at halfords.com, Halfords retail stores and autocentres.

Can Halfords Giftcards be used online? 
Yes, this Giftcard is redeemable against any goods or services at halfords.com.  

How do I check my Halfords Giftcard balance? 
To check your balance please visit the Halfords website.  

How long are Halfords Giftcards valid for? 
The Halfords Giftcard will expire 24 months after its last use without notice, and any outstanding balance cannot be refunded. 

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