Hobbycraft Giftcard


​Enjoy the best brands, great value offers and crafting expertise every time you shop with Hobbycraft. 

The largest arts and crafts retailer in the UK, Hobbycraft has everything you need for art, knitting and crochet, haberdashery, papercraft, wedding and party, baking, jewellery making and more. Apart from selling supplies, Hobbycraft also offers workshops, classes, and events to inspire and teach people different crafting techniques and skills.  

About Hobbycraft 
Hobbycraft is a UK-based craft retailer that specialises in arts and crafts supplies. Founded in 1995, it has now grown to be the largest arts and crafts retailer in the UK, with over 100 stores across the country.  

Where can I spend a Hobbycraft Giftcard?
The Hobbycraft Giftcard can be exchanged for any item in full or part payment in Hobbycraft stores in the United Kingdom.    

Can Hobbycraft Giftcards be used online? 
No, unfortunately Hobbycraft Giftcards can only be spent in-store.     

How do I check my Hobbycraft Giftcard balance?  
Please go to a Hobbycraft store for balance inquiries. 

How long are Hobbycraft Giftcards valid for?  
The Giftcard expires in 24 months from the date of issue.

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