HOTELBOX One Night including Meal Voucher

Hotel Box

Your HOTELBOX voucher includes:

  • 1 night hotel break in a choice of selected hotels in the UK & Europe
  • 2 people sharing a room
  • Meal voucher worth £100/€120 towards their breakfast and dinner

There's no need to worry about accommodation costs with this HOTELBOX gift. Breakfast and dinner, (which is compulsory to use) can be paid for using the meal voucher of £100/€120. Should the cost of breakfast and dinner exceed the value of the meal voucher, then the difference is payable by the recipient to the hotel directly at check out.

Where can I spend a HOTELBOX Voucher? 
You can redeem your HOTELBOX Voucher online on their website. Select your desired hotel and book your stay using the voucher code. 

Can HOTELBOX Vouchers be used online? 
Yes, this voucher is for exclusive use on bookings made on the HOTELBOX website. 

How do I check my HOTELBOX Voucher balance? 
To check your HOTELBOX balance please call +43 7242 20256901 Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm.

How long are HOTELBOX Vouchers valid for? 
HOTELBOX gift vouchers have a 3 year redemption period from the time of purchase. The validity of your voucher can be found on the HOTELBOX website when you enter your voucher code and select 'Query Validity'.


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