New Look Giftcard

New Look

Get your hands on a New Look Giftcard and treat your recipient to a shopping spree.

With the New Look Giftcard, you can discover new looks and experiment with style, ensuring you always feel confident and fabulous. Whether you're searching for the perfect dress for a special occasion, casual clothing for everyday wear, or trendy accessories, New Look's wide range of options has got you covered.

About New Look 
New Look has 100s of stores throughout the UK. It isn't easy buying clothes for someone, so why risk it? Let them shop at one of the world's largest fashion stores and choose the clothing they really want.

Where can I spend a New Look Giftcard? 
You can use this Giftcard as full or part payment for any goods at New Look stores throughout the UK and online at

Can New Look Giftcards be used online? 
Yes, New Look Giftcards can be used online at

How do I check my New Look Giftcard balance? 
The balance can be checked in any New Look store, online at, or by phoning customer services on 0344 499 6690.

How long are New Look Giftcards valid for? 
This Giftcard automatically expires after 24 months consecutive non-use, without notice, and any outstanding balance will be deducted. 

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